United Nations Well Versed
Bible Studies

United Nations Well Versed Bible Studies

One of the most enjoyable moments for any of the members on our Well Versed team is studying the Bible with people who work at the United Nations. In these weekly studies, we have gone through the scriptural issues in the book Well Versed, and then the biblical principles in the book This Precarious Moment.

Sometimes the study group is small. Other times there are quite a few people. Sometimes persons who do not work at the United Nations desire to join the study. With the coming of Covid-19, the studies shifted to Zoom. But our desire remains the same: To become well versed, understanding the biblical principles of governance.

In addition to studying scriptural truths, we worship, share and pray for each other. We love the employees at the UN. We are not revealing their identities, but God knows their names, so will you pray for them?

Reminder: This is a prayer page, not a photo gallery, so please pray for these employees of the United Nations in New York City. These are passionate, hardworking people who need our prayer support.