United Nations Ambassadors
for whom we pray

United Nations Ambassadors

The United Nations is a very complex entity. Allow us to give the most basic explanations.

The U.N. consists of (1) employees of the U.N. and the Secretary-General which are housed in the “Secretariat” – the tall cereal-box shaped building in between 1st Avenue and the East River and (2) the Ambassadors and diplomatic corps which are housed in the 193 different Missions (they are not called embassies at the U.N.).

There are 193 Member Nations at the United Nations. Most of us are unfamiliar with the various ranks in the diplomatic corps. Like the military, the diplomatic corps have ranks:
  • Ambassador or Permanent Representative
  • Minister-Counsellor
  • Counsellor
  • First Secretary
  • Second Secretary
  • Third Secretary
  • Attaché

Although the highest level of an UN Ambassador is called a “Permanent Representative,” their time at the UN is not “permanent,” but can be as short as three years or even eighteen months. This Permanent Representative is the head of the diplomatic mission of their country.

In addition to the Secretariat and the Missions, there is a body known as the General Assembly which consists of the Head-of-State of each nation and their delegation. The General Assembly convenes one week each September. Although large delegations or entourages accompany presidents, prime ministers or kings from countries all over the world, the actual meeting hall only has room for six persons from each country at a given time. Countries rotate in their seating positions in the General Assembly.

The Well Versed team (pre-Covid) has led weekly Bible studies for the employees of the UN in the Secretariat. In addition, the Well Versed team meets privately with Ambassadors. Thus far, we have met with 93 of the 193 Permanent Representatives.
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley was a great encouragement to the Well Versed team. (Note: We usually do not post the pictures of Ambassadors, however Ambassador Haley posted this on social media, thus we are as well.) 
Ambassador Kelly Craft talking with former Ambassador Nikki Haley 
Ambassador Kelly Craft and
Dr. Jim Garlow
You will notice that we have blurred their faces and have not told their names or the countries they are from. We feel that is best. But although you do not know their names, God does, which means you can pray for them and their countries. Remember, this is not a photo gallery to entertain you. This is a prayer page to engage you. Please treat this page and these pictures in that manner.

There are various members of the Well Versed team (past and present) in the pictures with the Ambassadors: Congresswoman Michele Bachman (who was the first Well Versed team member to move to New York City in order to pray for the United Nations and to lead Bible studies), Chris Shields (our only Well Versed member who has lived in both New York City and Washington, DC), Audrea Taylor (who as a twenty-year old helped write and do research for the book Well Versed, and who helped launch the Well Versed ministry at the United Nations), Phillip Jauregui (an attorney who is also a superb lover of people, Bible teacher and mentor both in NYC and DC), Anna Bryan (who also worked in both New York City and Washington, DC), Sarah Miller (who served as our wonderful executive director), Tiffany Smith (Communications and Outreach Director), Rosemary Schindler Garlow (co-founder of Well Versed) and Jim Garlow (co-founder of Well Versed).

The job of an Ambassador is a prestigious calling., However it is a difficult job. Every day is filled with endless meetings, and we mean endless. Their schedules are jammed beyond capacity every day. One Ambassador explained that he had two to three lunch appointments each day and five to six dinner meetings each evening from which he has to choose. Sometimes the Ambassadors are in New York City without their families. And if their immediate family is with them, their extended family is not. In addition, there are times when their families feels a degree of culture shock coming from their respective countries to a large intimidating city like New York.
So we ask you to pray for them. Are many of the followers of Jesus? A few are. Most are not. But we so enjoy meeting them. We have begun relationships with them as we can. We care deeply about them and for them. We ask you to pray for them personally, their families, their marriages, and their children. Most of all, we ask that you pray for them to experience the love of God. And also pray that they fully understand the wonderful biblical principles of governance.

Our Team Members

Chris Shields
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
Phillip Jauregui

Ambassadors with Whom We Have Met