Michele Bachmann

Advisor to D.C. & U.N. Ministries

United States Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the advisor to Well Versed’s D.C. and U.N. Ministries. Mrs. Bachmann is a former member of Congress for 8 years and was known for leading the Congressional opposition to Obamacare. Bachmann ran for President in 2012, appeared in 15 television Republican Presidential Debates, and the only Republican woman in American history to win a presidential contest.

Prior to Michele’s time in public office, she worked as a federal tax attorney. Michele started a health care business with her husband Marcus. Michele was part of starting the first k-12 charter school in the US. She spearheaded educational reform in Minnesota which led the state to dump its “common core” standards. Together they reared 5 biological children and 23 foster children.

Book: Modern Times by Paul Johnson
Food: Celery
Hobby: Walking; Reading