Board Member

Kurt has always had a passion for the nations and for the Word of God.
This has been expressed through leading small groups, teaching, and mentoring.

Professionally, he is trained as a computational linguist owned a consulting business.
For several years he has worked on linguistic analysis, semantics, and high-quality machine translation.

His Biblical training was at Moody Bible Institute.
His Computer Science training at Illinois Institute of Technology.
His linguistic training was through SIL University of North Dakota.
He was mentored by his uncle Pastor Richard Rud and Dr. Samuel Wolgemuth (Pres. YFC Intl.)

He currently teaches Adult Bible Class at Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago where he and his wife Janice have been members for ~ 15 years.

He has served on 2 elder boards.

Kurt & Janice have lived in Demark and Zurich, Switzerland.
They have 3 grown sons:

Dr Matthew (Lt Col., US Air Force), Dr Gabriel, Samuel, and 6 grandchildren.
Janice is an intercessor on WPN pre-prayer.