Congressman Scott Perry (one of "the 20"): THIS week in DC. And hear about his apology for July vote.
January 15th, 2023
Congressman Scott PerryScott Perry, a retired U.S. Army National Guard Brigadier General, was one of “the 20” who withstood enormous pressure during the 15 votes taken for the election of the ...  Read More
Three Congressmen Give the Important Details Behind the Scenes
January 9th, 2023
"The 20” that stood last week during the selection of the Speaker of the House of Representatives accomplished some badly needed changes. Please be in prayer as the House reconvenes today. Rep. Ralph ...  Read More
9 Governmentally Engaged Young Adults That Will SO Encourage You!
January 3rd, 2023
I invited nine young adults to come on the 200th broadcast of the World Prayer Network this past Sunday, on New Year’s Day – January 1, 2023 – and tell how they view the present condition of America. ...  Read More
Look What Opportunities Have Come To Well Versed Recently
December 29th, 2022
Well Versed & World Prayer Network Family / Friends,I want to thank each and every one of you who have been a part of the Well Versed and World Prayer Network families. Your time, talents, gifts and p...  Read More
A Great Close to Christmas Day, December 25: Worship via Handel's "Messiah." Listen to This
December 25th, 2022
The greatest way to close out today – December 25, Christmas Day – is by watching classically trained tenor Ross Hauck of Seattle (who has sung in around 500 presentations of The Messiah) and his fath...  Read More
The Remarkable Backgrounds of Your Favorite Christmas Carols.
December 22nd, 2022
I want to invite you to a fun, enlightening and spiritually moving presentation on the backgrounds to your favorite Christmas carols. ROSS HAUCK BOB & RITA HAUCKProfessional (and humorous) musicia...  Read More
The Technology Cut Us Off, So Here is What You Missed About the Birthplace of Jesus
December 20th, 2022
Does location matter when it comes to knowing where the Messiah was born? I think so. Was Jesus’ birth under the “Church of the Nativity” in Bethlehem? The Bible says it will be at the Migdal Eder, th...  Read More
BRIEF UPDATE – National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance
December 16th, 2022
Greetings,We want to give you a brief update. The National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance will be on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, from 7-9am at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, preceded...  Read More
Are You Concerned About the Food Supply Chain?
December 16th, 2022
The media frequently warns us of a coming food shortage. Is that accurate? And if so, what can we do?Pam Holloway and Lawrence Schaefer have solid advice for how to prepare. Click here to watch them. ...  Read More
Catholic Priests Being Kicked Out For Being Too Conservative?
December 13th, 2022
Most of us who read this are Protestant Evangelicals. But some are traditional Catholics who share the passion for protecting life in the womb and the sacredness of one-man-one-woman marriage.However,...  Read More
Please Read This About Europe: Complete With "Tour" and Pictures
December 1st, 2022
Rosemary and I received an invitation to attend the European Prayer Breakfast at the European Union in Brussels, Belgium. We had attended in 2018 and 2019. I delayed answering for several weeks, think...  Read More
75 Years Ago Today, A Miracle Happened.
November 29th, 2022
75 years ago today, a nation – which had not existed in almost 2,000 years – came back into existence, exactly as God’s Word said it would. The United Nations voted on this day – November 29th – in 19...  Read More